This Year’s Garden Patch

pineapple mintSo another spring, another garden on it’s way….and it’s about time.  I’m ready. In fact, things are already really starting to grow around here. 🙂

Garden plans have been laid, seedlings have been started and supplies are coming in!

How Exciting!

Probably one of my favorite winter tasks is planning the garden and picking out which seed varieties I will grow. I have a thing for variety. For surprise. For color. My biggest problem, really, is narrowing it down to the few selections that will end up in the greenhouse and in the gardens!

So, many plants, so little time. Right? So, in the greenhouse, here’s the skinny:

I will be filling the greenhouse with a wider selection this year of everything! Of course there will be the annual flowers that everyone loves! More variety of flowers, hanging baskets and combination pots. I will also have a bigger selection of heirloom and open-pollinated veggie and herb seedlings. This year you will find a few more medicinal herbs too. Edible and ornamental perennials, and grasses and fruit. Come down to check out the new selection beginning in May.

And, in the garden:

We are adding to last year’s selection of fresh produce from the garden. This year, we are adding a variety of naturally grown fruits, veggies and herbs to harvest throughout the summer, which means we will be able to offer our weekly box continuously every week from June until September! Stay tuned for more info.

My trials with short season and cold tolerant tomatoes will continue. All the tomatoes are heirloom or open pollinated varieties. The goal is to determine what varieties are the best tasting, and best yielding for our locale. I will post updates and my results throughout the season. I will also continue saving seeds of these locally grown plants for a seed stock which is acclimatized to our area.

We’ve got a couple other really cool projects on the go, and will be sharing those with you soon!

In the meantime,

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