About The Gardens

fresh | natural | simple

With a sunny disposition and a gentle slope, Honeydew Gardens is nestled up against Mt. Sentinel in the Selkirk mountain range in the West Kootenays, BC. Located in Thrums, we are just 10 minutes from Castlegar and 25 minutes from Nelson.

Moving from rural Saskatchewan in 2015, just a hair shy of “the north” we brought with us a dream and a passion for growing healthy food.

We arrived to a wildly overgrown, neglected plot..

There’s remnants of another time.. a handful of overgrown trees from an old orchard, a couple of weathered and well used sheds, found items continue to surprise me and find a new use or place at the farm.. Since then, Honeydew Gardens has evolves, and continues to evolve into a micro farm, with a number 1 passion of providing great food! Whether you want to grow your own gardens and food forests, or are looking to source healthy. local food, this is why I get out of bed in the morning..

I believe in living and gardening in harmony with nature. Avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or any -cides for that matter! Instead, by focusing on the health of the entire site and inhabitants on our little farm, we are growing a healthy, sustainable farm to supply our local community with fresh, healthy food!