2020 Fruit & Other Useful Perennials

2020 Edible Perennial Collection Card
Start or expand your food forest and food resiliency this year!
Strawberry ‘Hecker’
$2.50 ea/3″ pot  | $8/6 crown bundle  | $30 Gardener’s Dozen (13) tray
Everbearing Dayneutral. Produces all summer long, sweet large bright red fruit, runners bear fruit, very hardy. Zone 3.
Raspberry ‘Fall Gold’ 
$10/2 canes
Everbearing. Golden yellow medium sized sweet fruit that taste like the red varieties. Late season. Zone 3.
Raspberry ‘Black’
$12/2 canes
Summer Bearing. Produces large, firm, sweet black berries, hardy and very productive canes. Mid season. Zone 4.
Blackberry ‘Black Satin’ Thornless
$10/ cane (1 gallon pot)
Heat tolerant canes that produce high yields of juicy sweet berries. Late season. Zone 5.
Blackberry ‘Chester’ Thornless
$10/cane (1 gallon pot)
Best self-pollinating variety, huge yields of sweet fruit, excellent cold hardiness, resistance to cane blight. Mid season. Zone 5.
Blueberry ‘Chandler’
$12/2 yr old plant
The world’s largest blueberry, some even get to the size of cherries! A long ripening season that may last up to 6 weeks. All season. Zone 4.
Blueberry ‘Reka’
$12/2 yr old plant
Upright, very vigorous bush with a high yield of medium sized, firm blue fruit. Early season. Zone 4.
Plant 2-3 varieties of blueberries for cross pollination.
Goji ‘Firecracker’
$15/plant (1 gallon pot)
Goji have brilliant red-orange fruit, self-pollinating. High in antioxidants this super fruit is extremely popular and very easy to grow. These berries are very versatile in your smoothies, baking and fresh recipes.
Grape ‘Brianna’
$15/plant (1 gsllon pot)
Haskap ‘Honey Bee’
$15/plant (1 gallon pot)
June harvest of heavy yields of sweet berries that start green then turn purple when ripe. Hardy and disease resistant. Zone 2.
Haskap ‘Tundra’
$15/plant (1 gallon pot)
Early July harvest. Large firm sweet fruit. Zone 2.
Plant 2-3 varieties of haskap for cross pollination. Flavors of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, or even cherry with a kiwi type texture. High levels of antioxidants, flavinoids and vitamin C.

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