2018 Veggie Start Collection

2018 Veggie Start Collection Card

All our veggie starts are grown without the use of synthetic or chemical pesticides or fertilizers. They are started from seed right here at Honeydew Headquarters.

Get a head start in your garden with our healthy veggies starts.

Edible Annual Vegetables:

Asian Greens – Tatsoi, Red Giant Mustard, Altor

Broccoli – Green Sprouting, Rapini

Cabbage – Jersey Wakefield, Golden Acre, Copenhagen Market

Cauliflower – Early Snowball

Cucumbers – Lemon, Double Yield, Suyo Long, Straight Eight

Fennel – Selma Fino

Kale – Red Russian

Leeks – King Richard

Lettuce – Parris Island Cos, Grandpa Admire’s, Allstar Mix

Melons – Minnesota Midget, Honey Rock, Hale’s Best Jumbo

Pac Choi – Da Cheong Chae

Peppers, Hot – Orange Thai, Filius Blue, Aurora

Peppers, Sweet – Chinese Giant, Mini Red Bell

Squash, Summer – Pattison Panache, Early Yellow Crookneck, Yellow Scallop Bush, Black Beauty

Squash, Winter – Potimarron, Waltham Butternut

Swiss Chard – Bright Lights

Tomatillos – Green

Tomatoes – DET: Manitoba, Bonny Best; IND: Moskvich, Garden Peach, Yellow Pear Cherry, Black Prince; Beefsteak: Pink Brandywine, Black Krim;  Paste: Roma, Roman Candle

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