Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomatoes 2014

heirloom tomatoesWe have several heirloom and open pollinated varieties of tomato seedlings in the greenhouse this year. There’s quite a variety of shapes, sizes and colors! Did you know there are literally thousands of tomato varieties?

Here’s the descriptions of several of the varieites avialable this season. Come down and check them all out:

Cherry Varieties

Black Cherry – Indeterminate, 64 days  BLACK

This is a very popular heirloom that produces loads of round 1″ dark mahogany-brown tomatoes with the classic deep smoky black tomato flavor. Needs staking.

Chocolate Cherry – Indeterminate, 75 days BROWN

Round 1″ tomatoes grow in clusters of 8 on this open-pollinated variety. These incredibly sweet and juicy tomatoes resist cracking and will not shake easily off the plant. Needs staking. Also known as: Brown Berry

Golden Nugget – Determinate, 60 days  YELLOW

Vigorous production of 1″ sweet oval yellow tomatoes. Produces extra early on a compact plant that usually grows to about 24″ in height. Grows good in containers.

Large Red Cherry – Indeterminate, 75 days  RED

Extremely productive plants produce 1.5″-2″ round red tomatoes with a full flavor. An old variety, very well liked. Needs staking.

Warrens Yellow – Indeterminate, 80 days  YELLOW

A heirloom variety that produces loads of cherry sized, round yellow tomatoes. This variety does well in containers.

Yellow Pear – Indeterminate, 75 days  YELLOW

Heirloom variety that produces lots of small pear shaped tomatoes. This sweet, pleasant tasting tomato has been grown since 1805.


Bonny Best – Indeterminate, 70 days  RED

Introduced in 1908, this is a long standing standard for canning. Bonny Best produces lots of 4-10 oz round tomatoes on a vine.

De Barao – Indeterminate, 75 days  RED

A heirloom variety that is firm, meaty and crack free. 3-4 oz plum/oval shaped tomatoes are good perfect canning and sauces.

Manitoba – Determinate, 65 days  RED

Bred at the Morden Station in Manitoba, this is a hardy, cold tolerant tomato. It produces one crop of medium sized red tomatoes on a bush plant. A favorite, Manitoba is reliable and in our gardens every year.

Roma – Indeterminate, 80 days  RED

This classic plum shaped variety is meaty and makes great pastes and sauces.

Siberian – Determinate, 65 days  RED

Year after year, we grow Siberian for it’s reliable crop of medium sized red tomatoes that are ideal for canning. Cold tolerant with a bush habit, all the tomatoes will produce in one crop.

Beefsteaks & Slicers

Black Krim – Indeterminate, 80 days BLACK

A large beefsteak type tomato with a deep red coloring with full flavor. Originates from the Crimean area by the Black Sea. A favorite.

Brandywine – Indeterminate, 80 days  RED

Brandywine is said to be the best heirloom beefsteak variety. Maturing late, it will provide several large meaty red tomatoes. Potato leafed variety.

Marmande – Semi-determinate, 75 days RED

A large ribbed beefsteak type tomato with excellent flavor. Produces well, even in cool weather.

Old German Striped – Indeterminate, 75 days BICOLORED

This medium-large tomato is beautifully bi-colored red and yellow. Ribbed shoulders and very meaty, this is a delicious favorite!


Garden Peach – Indeterminate, 75 days YELLOW

A very interesting medium sized yellow tomato with a slight peach tinge. This slicer makes a great conversation piece.

Green Zebra – Indeterminate, 75 days  GREEN WITH STRIPES

Green zebra is a novelty tomato that has an acidic flavor. When ripe, this tomato is actually bright green with yellow vertical stripes.

Red Zebra – Indeterminate, 75 days  RED WITH STRIPES

Red Zebra is a natural cross with Green Zebra and therefore is very similar, but red with yellow stripes.

Striped Cavern – Indeterminate, 75 days BICOLORED

A new favorite of mine, the flavorful striped cavern has very few seeds and is almost hollow, making it good for stuffing. They make very nice fried green tomatoes when young.

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