2011 Garden Plan – Peppers

Well, it’s been quite a while since I wrote…the garden is taking up a lot of time & energy, and I have the tan to prove it! Tonight, as I was meandering around the garden after a flash thunderstorm, enjoying the evening sun, I realized that things are changing lots every day, which means it’s time for regular updates…

The peppers are all planted into the greenhouse and garden and are really going! Some varieties are growing faster than others, and there are peppers growing on most of the plants, and the rest are in flower! YAY!

It goes without saying that with a greenhouse, I should have planted them sooner…but in all reality, we just weren’t ready. There was no heat, fans or electricity to the longhouse until a few weeks ago. As soon as we had the electricity, the plants went in. It would be nice to have heat in there by the end of the summer, when we could give them more time with our short growing season. Next year we start earlier…

So, being the “gotta try ’em all” gardener that some of you know that I am, several varieties are on trial this summer. I think that we may have actually planted about a quarter of the varieties we have seed for, so the plans are to select and save seed, determine favorites based on taste, productivity, and earliness. Longer season ones that are winners are okay too, but will remain greenhouse grown.

The sweet varieties that are being grown out are Lipstick, Antohi Romanian, Italia, Feher Ozon, Golden Treasure, Giant Aconcagua, Jimmy Nardello’s, King of the North, Pimente d’esplette, Purple Beauty, Quadrato d’asti Giallo, Mini Red, Mini Yellow, Mini Chocolate, Topepo Rosso and Tangerine.

So far the earliest are the Antohi Romanian and the Italia. They are just LOADED with peppers. They have early maturity dates, about 55 yellow / 75 red ripe give or take a couple of days. It won’t be too much longer before we will have our first ripe ones!

The hot varieties are Aurora, Black Hungarian, Bulgarian Carrot, California Chili, Joe’s Long Cayenne, Sweet Cayenne, Cayenne, Fish, Hungarian Hot Wax, Pasilla, Shishito, Thai Dragon, Scotch Bonnet, Padron and Filius Blue

Joe’s Long Cayenne and Hungarian Hot Wax are leading with the earliest pepper development of the hot varieties. Personally, I can’t wait to see the Fish peppers, the plant is verigated, and apparently the peppers have stripes of colors while they are ripening.

With such a variety, there will be a lot of shapes, colors and flavors to try this year! And, of course, part of the fun is choosing our favorites to grow again in future years.

The hard part is choosing which ones to grow out of all the varieties I want to try. It almost makes me wish we had another greenhouse. Almost.

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