2011 Garden Plan

Gardenus indecisionus.: a chronic condition, usually presenting in late winter and peaking in early spring yearly. It can cause insomnia, discomfort and anxiety. In severe conditions it can even cause nervousness and a need to constantly sort out seeds. Extreme symptoms include buying more seeds than the gardener has the space/time/energy/money for with delusional thoughts of a tropical oasis in their yard.

I’m sure I’m not the only gardener that suffers from this dreaded affliction. Right?

I was recently inspired to start cataloging seeds. It all started when I was trying to fill a trade order and couldn’t find the Taiyo Sunflower seeds I knew I had. I looked high, I looked low. I looked high again. Eventually resigning to the fact that I couldn’t find them, I gave up, dejected.

Then, I found them. Right in front of my face. Where they belonged. And then I remembered that I repackaged them in a new envelope to save them from spilling all over my seed box. Being very visual, I am always looking for the envelope, not the writing on said envelope when going through seeds. (It was at this point that I realized that I needed more organization to my seeds.)

What I’m really saying is that perhaps I need to put some forethought into what varieties I will realistically grow this summer. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about space. But time is a limited commodity, and so is energy. So, time to decide. A daunting task indeed.

Each year, as I take on a larger and larger garden, my memory becomes a bit, shall we say, taxed. After seeding several varieties of veggies I really got tired of berating myself for thinking, once again, that I would Remember, or that that little scrap of paper I wrote critical details on would be easy to find when I wanted to refer back to it, which of course, I always did. So I whipped up a quick Seeding Chart to use as I seed everything. I put the pages directly into my Handy Dandy Gardening Notebook where they will always be easy to find.

What did a beloved mentor and friend say to me ages ago? “When a task seems so big that you feel troubled and unable, break it down into micro tasks. Persevere. You will succeed.”

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Okay, so here we go…

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2 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    You are definitely NOT the only gardener who suffers from this. In fact, I’d say every gardener probably does to a certain extent. My problem is I went DOWN in garden size this year, but moved to a better, warmer, and much longer climate. It’s almost like a bad joke, isn’t it? So I’m scrambling to figure out just how in the heck I’m going to fit my normal numbers into half the space. Being that I’m so stubborn, I WILL find a way some how…

  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one Kelly.

    I’m sure you will find a way to cram more plants in there, maybe not the same as before, but surely you can make up for it with some succession planting in your longer season? I’m so envious of the warmer climate you have!

    Thanks for stopping by!